about myself

...I was born shortly before World War II in the storied city of Hamlin on the Weser.  My father was a blacksmith whose specialties were wire mesh and decorative wrought iron.  In his workshop, which lay behind our half-timbered house in the old town, I learned while still a child how to work with wire mesh - and how it fascinated us children to watch while red-hot iron was hammered at the forge!
After studying language - at the Sorbonne in Paris, among other places - marriage and the birth of two sons, we moved with the family during the 80s for 5 years to Sao Paulo in Brazil, where my husband had found an interesting professional opportunity.  The national language, Portuguese, which was seasoned with poetic names from the Tupi Guarani language of the Indios, appealed to me greatly and I began to study Brazilian literature and theater. Until the day when I landed, artist's portfolio in hand, at the art academy ESPADE.  That changed my life entirely!
The languages and cultural studies which had previously dominated my life now began to serve my art and my artistic contacts.
After returning to Germany at the end of the 80s, we settled in Nuremberg.  There I continued to pursue my artistic career - and at the same time to cultivate my contacts with the Brazilian artistic community in Sao Paulo.

Instrumental in that was the establishment, in 1990, of the supporting association PONTE CULTURA e.V. which facilitated the organization of cultural exchanges, artist encounters and exhibitions in both Germany and Brazil.

Nonetheless, we missed the Brazilian sun and the mentality of those who live with the sun.  In southern France we finally found a refuge which could fill the "Brazilian gap" in our lives - and also opened up to us the possibility of holding artist workshops every two or three years to promote contact between Brazilian and European artists.

Nuremberg, February 2005