Marianne Stüve presents …two complexes of work which, in terms of material and spatial reference, seem very different.  And yet, all of the works react in a variety of ways to each other.

The nylon net-works are three-dimensional entities which encompass a volume and are suspended in space, as if floating free.  The lines thus "drawn" through the room develop the graphic aspects of the medium "painting" in new and distinctive ways.

The "pictures" hanging on the wall, for their part, frequently take up the cube-shaped and spherical forms of the nylon filament objects and pictorialize them as graphic motifs.  But the "depiction" is not always defined by the drawing of a line, but sometimes, for example, by the folding and fixing of the supporting canvas.

Another interesting feature of Stüve's painting is that a "picture" is not composed of a canvas support with a layer of paint applied to it.  Instead, the two basic materials of the wall pieces, canvas and paint, serve as equally important elements of expression.

Over the course of time, Marianne Stüve distanced herself increasing from painting in the narrow sense of the word, without ever entirely losing sight of the subject.  She experimented for a time with metal and other materials before finally devoting herself, with great intensity, to the artistic potential of nylon filament mesh.

(excerpt from the catalogue text Art-Verwandschaften Galerie Eibelstadt 2003 Günter Braunsberg, art historian M.A., Nuremberg)